Curator of the forum:autoren (forum:authors) 2017: Doris Dörrie (©Dieter Mayr)

Alles Echt. Alles Fiktion

The movie director and writer Doris Dörrie has been named the curator of the forum:autoren (forum:authors) at the eighth Munich Literature Festival (November 15 through December 3, 2017). “Alles Echt. Alles Fiktion” (“It's all real. It's all fiction”) will be the motto of her program, a series that will explore the question of truth and fiction in literature, film and media: Just where is the line demarcating authenticity from fiction? The curator’s answer: "We are living in a paradox: The documentary is booming. At the same time, everything is fiction. Something will happen. Then, before we know it, a fictional version of it will appear. The main thing: It has to be a good story. The rule applies to everything: politics, the press, social media and autobiographic literature. You name it. Everything becomes the stuff of narratives. What is still true? We invent ourselves in the social web and churn out endless narratives in series, advertising, business and politics. Where is reality? Everything appears to be fantasy, invention, fabrication. All the while, the lifeblood is seeping out of traditional fiction in literature. We yearn for the real, the true and the authentic. The radically autobiographical. It is a paradox for authors: They should become visible, dreaming up as little as possible. The dramaturgy of this narrative goes like this: Nothing is true any longer. But it still should feel that way.”

At the forum:autoren, this burning question will be explored in readings, performances, film presentations, lectures and interdisciplinary discussions. Joining with her guests from literature, film, theater, academia and journalism, Doris Dörrie will delve into the question of documentary and autobiographical storytelling as well as the game played with fiction and reality in literature and film. Theories of storytelling and perception will be discussed. Lying from the perspective of psychology will be considered as well.

“We are really happy that we could attract the great film director and writer Doris Dörrie to be our curator,” said Tanja Graf, the Managing Director of the Munich Literature Festival, and Dr. Hans-Georg Küppers, the Head of Arts and Culture at the Bavarian State Capital of Munich. “Her topic, ‘Alles Echt. Alles Fiktion,’ could not be more current. We can hardly wait to see how Doris Dörrie’s concept will add new fuel to the cultural-political and aesthetic discussion of our times.”

Doris Dörrie, a native of Hanover, Germany, studied acting and film in Stockton, California, and New York. She also attended the University of Television and Film in Munich. She made her international breakthrough in 1985 with her comedy “Männer” (Men), a movie that turned her into one of Germany's most successful directors. In 1997, she became a professor of applied dramaturgy and story development at the University of Television and Film in Munich. She became head of creative writing there in 2009. Doris Dörrie lives in Munich.

Doris Dörrie has directed 32 motion pictures and documentaries. She has also written 23 books and directed seven plays and operas. Her movies include the comedy Männer (1985), which won a Bambi media award and the German Film Prize, and “Kirschblüten-Hanami“ (Cherry Blossoms), a work from 2008 that received the Bavarian Film Prize for best movie of the year. Her latest film is “Grüße aus Fukushima” (Greetings from Fukushima), a movie that has won high acclaim from both viewers and reviewers. Like her 2000 film “Erleuchtung garantiert” (Enlightenment Guaranteed), the movie navigates along the border between documentation and fiction. As a writer, Doris Dörrie has made a name for herself through her stories and novels, all of which were published by Diogenes Verlag. These works include: a collection of four stories called “Liebe, Schmerz und das ganze verdammte Zeug” (Love, Pain and That Other Damn Stuff) that was published in 1987, the novel “Bin ich schön?” (Am I Pretty?) that appeared in 1994, the novel “Was machen wir jetzt?” (What Will We Do Now?) that was released in 2000 and the 2002 novel “Das blaue Kleid” (The Blue Dress) that won the prize of the Leipzig Book Fair. In 2011, her novel “Alles inklusive” (All Inclusive) became a best-seller like “Das blaue Kleid.” Her latest book, “Diebe und Vampire” (Thieves and Vampires), was published in 2015. Doris Dörrie is a member of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts. In 1996, she was awarded the German Cross of Merit. She was also presented with the Honorary Cultural Award of the Bavarian State Capital of Munich.

About the Munich Literature Festival

The Munich Literature Festival comprises the curator program forum:autoren (forum:authors), the Münchner Bücherschau (the Munich Book Fair) and the festival program of the Literaturhaus München (the Munich House of Literature) with the market of independent publishing companies Andere Bücher braucht das Land (The Country Needs Different Books). 

The Geschwister-Scholl-Preis (the Hans and Sophie Scholl Prize) and the television award LiteraVision will also be presented during the festival. 

The Munich Literature Festival is hosted by the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels – Landesverband Bayern (the German Publishers & Booksellers Association –Bavarian Branch) and the Literaturhaus München (the Munich House of Literature) (executive management) in cooperation with the Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München (the Department of Arts and Culture for the State Capital of Munich).

The forum:autoren is conceived by a different writer each year. Doris Dörrie is the forth author from Munich to oversee the literary-artistic program. Other curators have included Ilija Trojanow (lokal:global), Matthias Politycki (Die Welt auf Deutsch, or The World in German), Thea Dorn (Hinaus ins Ungewisse!, or Out into the Unknown!), Dagmar Leupold (Stadt Land Fluss. Geschichten von der Gegenwart, or City Land River, Stories of Today), Clemens Meyer (In Gefahr und größter Not bringt der Mittelweg den Tod, or In Times of Peril and Great Affliction, the Middle Way Leads to Death), Albert Ostermaier (front:text) and Elke Schmitter (ein wort gibt das andere, or one word leads to another).

The Munich Book Fair is an 18-day fair where visitors can browse over the largest display of regional books 15 hours a day at no charge. A two and one-half week meeting of (inter)national writers each year. Non-fiction, literature, music, classics, thrillers, book binding, writing workshops – the right event format is available for everyone!

Historic and political novels, family and social novels, economic and philosophy books – the festival program of the House of Literature is filled with variety and big names. And the independent book market Andere Bücher braucht das Land will bring things to a colorful conclusion this year.